RED Events

Digital connections are now vital to how we live. Physical experiences are a compliment to digital culture, and vice versa.
                                                                           Client Influencer Event Management // Combined reach over 1.3 million

                                                                           Client Influencer Event Management // Combined reach over 1.3 million


We Host Events!

Brand interaction is imperative; hosting an event is key to communicating directly with your customers. When so much of life can now be lived remotely or via a screen, we believe in the importance of taking your online community offline.

RED create exciting influencer and consumer events from concept to execution. Offering full management service, whether you are launching a new product to your consumers or want to meet your influencers, we focus on solidifying your community relationships, generating social media content and coverage, as well as increasing your brand awareness.


Product launches
Guestlist management
Influencer management
Location scouting
Branded partnerships
Content creation
Reporting and analytics