Event Management // Embody Fitness Influencer Event

Opportunity to introduce a selection of the high profile fitness bloggers and the Nike Uk team to Embody Fitness. Chris Walton, head of personal training at Embody Fitness lead a session which gave them an insight into Embody Fitness's 8 - 12 week body transformation training packages, resulting in Nike using the gym for Nike Women Week 2016.

An educational and hard session explaining the importance of strength and conditioning training and its benefits for fat loss for women, followed by a serious sweat with a circuit of dumbbell presses, lunges, neutral grip pull ups and dead lifts.

Third party partners were sourced for goody bags including, Udo's Choice, PHD Women, Munchy Seeds, Pip & Nut, Nuva Water and Maple and Fitz, providing the bloggers with post workout breakfast, snacks and goody bags.