Sweaty Betty

Content Creation // Active Wear Competition Campaign with Hayley Jane Fitness

An opportunity to create exciting content, RED Agency hosted a fun competition in collaboration with fitness client Flybery and Hayley Jane from Break the Loop and Sweaty Betty.

We created an idea where Hayley would share the Sweaty Betty product she would have in her gym bag called 'What's in my bag' asking the audience to share the image onto their social platforms asking them to state what they would want in their bag. 

This was a really nice opportunity to engage Flybery's influencers as well as their partner, Sweaty Betty. We saw an increase in engagement, followers and activity on the Flybery website with the announcement of the winners with a really nice incentive. this connection between influencer and brand can work really well in this format.

Influencer Marketing // Content Creation with Active Wear Client

RED Agency works with all varieties of clientele, but active wear brands are definitely at the forefront of the Social Media industry when it comes to making an impact. At RED we worked on a new campaign with influencers Natalie Glaze and Lottie Murphy to produce a series of images that would best display the quality of the product with the advantages of wearing it when working out, focussing on exercises in Pilates. 

As Pilates instructors, who better than Natalie and Lottie to offer their top tips and advice to any beginners looking to get started in either training to become a Pilates instructor, or simply taking up the sport. The focus of the shoot was to not only show the product in it's natural habitat, but to show how women can work together. Driving community awareness is so important when working on content, as you want to be able to relate to the audence/customer buying the product. 

Lottie and Nat7.jpg